Art inkubator in Łódź
Art Inkubator in Łódź

Poland, chairman for the General Assembly.

Łódź, third biggest city of Poland with 700 hundred thousand of inhabitants, former textile capital of Poland, having reach material heritage of factories, villas and palaces is still vital textile site in Poland, profiting from its industrial know-how, favorable localization on the cross-section of motorways A1 and A2, high potential of well educated labor force, transforming itself towards vibrant logistic, technological, production center, including smart textiles for various industrial and medical purposes. Famous of its film and visual arts legacy, Łódź has one of best in the world film schools, as well as leading Clothing Design Department at the Fine Arts Academy.


Ul. Piotrkowska 104 
90-926 Lodz

National Coordinator ACTE Poland: Monika Paluch

ACTE Poland General Assembly President

Mrs. Hanna Zdanowska
Ms Hanna Zdanowska

ACTE Poland Vice-President

Mr Krzysztof Piątkowski