MarketPlace Borås

What is Marketplace Borås?
Marketplace Borås, in the Textile Fashion Center, is a collaboration between Borås city, the University of Borås, Nordic school of design and the industry and commerce.
Together we work to improve our position within the textile, fashion and design industry. Marketplace Borås is an economical compound with the task to meet the need of our members, and to evolve through a customer-oriented perspective.
With a common platform and business arena Marketplace Borås creates venues and tools for collaboration with the University of Borås, the Swedish School of Textiles, Nordic School of Design, professional organizations, the city of Borås and the industry.
Our activities and areas of operation should mean that Marketplace Borås is innovative. That we are the hub of the development of the textile industry from the needs and the opportunities available today and tomorrow.
With Marketplace Borås business networking one can become stronger than if one were to work on their own. With our climate and environment we help you grow. We want to create a strong and successful industry they we all can benefit from – research, education, business and city.
Fashion gallery
Welcome to an unique and creative enviroment for fashion- and textile companies. Fashion Gallery is a combination between office space and shop for both upcoming brands and established brands in fashion and textiles.
A marketplace with fashion, where you can find unique pieces that have not hit the big market get.
Fashion Gallery works as an office space, but we open up for customers to come inside for some unique shopping.
If renting your own office space within Fashion Gallery you´ll get great conditions for developing your brand. Here you can share inspiartion and knowledge with the other designers, and be a part of Marketplace Borås network . This will give you the contacts and useful information any upcoming brand might need.
With our mix of design, and creative enviroment, this is truly a great marketplace in fashion.
Katarina Oscar
Project manager
+46 (0) 733 44 77 15
Office Hotel;  a creative home for your company
Are you working in fashion, textile or design or related business? Are you looking for a better environment with colleauges, or do you need an office for your daily work and meetings?
At Marketplace Borås we have several office spaces in different sizes for rent.
Here both new and well-established companies are working alongside each other, and an unique mixture of experience and creative ideas is created.
Every tenant have, apart from their own office, access to printer, wifi, coffee, conference rooms and shared spaces.
If you are interested in more information, please contact



Skaraborgsvägen 3A
Textile Fashion Center