Paradigm change in the textile industry - applied sustainability

Bringing together German and Swedish experts for a joint workshop with a focus on applied sustainability: We will talk about the need for transparent and sustainable supply chains, discuss concepts and strategies as well as challenges and solutions to transform textile value chains towards higher social and enviromantal standards. The aim is to transfer applied sustainability knowledge to the participants through a mix of expert inputs and participatory workshop modules.
Target group: company representatives from executive board / management, CSR department, buying / sourcing, quality department. 
RSVP: Space is limited - Please contact until April 13.

Preliminary Programme

1. Keynote by hessnatur Stiftung

Paradigm change in the textile industry

Holistic Approach: model to define holistic sustainability

2. Workshop

What are the challenges for textile companies to implement transparent

and sustainable supply chains? What is needed?

3. Presentation by hessnatur Stiftung

How can sustainability be successfully integrated into company structures?

Solutions and introduction to the dual sustainability concept

4. Presentation by Messe Frankfurt

Introducing German platforms for sustainable fashion

Get-together with drinks and snacks