Show Up Fashion Awards

SUFA (Show Up Fashion Award) is an annual national competition for promising fashion contractors who see a future in the industry. The competition is open to you who just started or already established your own brand.

The purpose is to help designers build a profitable fashion company and continue to establish their brand in the market. SUFA offers participants the opportunity to build a network of contacts that is invaluable for future business as well as gaining support in their entrepreneurship.

The prize package in the competition is specially designed to give the winner the best conditions for driving the business forward and developing the entrepreneurship. The win gives the winner access to a large industry network in Borås and Sweden to build and develop its concept. We are looking for someone with an equally glowing interest in business development as for design!

The application for the competition is open until 21 September and the year's five finalists will be presented at a press release in Stockholm in October.