Digital marketing in the fashion sector
Digital marketing in the fashion sector

Digital marketing in the fashion sector

Don’t waste your designer effort. Make sure that what you do is seen and heard of. Promoting and marketing your design and fashion is vital, especially in a constantly changing digital world.

In this webinar we talk about several ways to make an impact in the market, both as a designer and for your products. We will look at seven different ways to do this.

Influencer marketing
To, for example, make full use of the impact of micro-influencers. And making sure our communications are interesting and relevant. With the help of influencers, we come even closer to the audience in a niche category. Yes, the people we talk to a fewer but on the other hand so much more committed.

Video marketing encompasses another of the most successful trends (especially during this quarantine) – live streaming. Instagram and other applications have been filled with live shows in which relevant brands or characters participate in order to entertain.

Inbound Marketing
Within this approach to marketing, we use among other things blogs, brand videos, newsletter or exclusive and downloadable content, such as access to private sales, subscription discounts, invitations to events, etc.

Social media trends
Omni-channel and social e-commerce.

Personalised shopping
The possibility of being able to design or customise garments gives a lot of value to a brand. We manage to connect with the user and make him understand that it is important.

Winks to the past are succeeding more than ever. Brands launch products that go back in times, with a full marketing to support.

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Digital marketing in the fashion sector
February 4, 2021
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February 2, 2021
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