New business models for the fashion industry
New business models for the fashion industry

This e-talk focuses on the shift from traditional business models to the business models for a digitalised world. As the market shifts, it also has a significant effect on the fashion industry.
We will look at fashion with a clear commercial perspective. We do that by asking ourselves how the digital era changes both our businesses and the way we go to market. Which opportunities have been created within the luxury, fashion, beauty and tech segments, that are clearly driven by digitalisation?
The whole scope has changed, from complete disruption and the new domination of fashion media and content by online platforms, to the role of e-commerce and digital marketing. We have especially found that the new technology has an impact that goes far beyond what is seen on the surface.

The webinar includes:
– introduction and agenda
– the shift from traditional businesses to more digitalised ones
– digital fashion: from luxury to tech
– case studies
– Q&A.

For participants, we strongly recommend reading the article “Interline identities: Ashley McDonnell, Global luxury manager, Google”

New business models for the fashion industry
January 22, 2021
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January 22, 2021
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