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The purpuse of beeing “Friends of ACTE” is that you will get access to the ACTE network without beeing a fullworthy member. Except getting access to the network you will get visibility on the page with company/organisation presentation and backlinks to your webpage and also ability to put up your own event news on the frontpage of ACTE without any further cost.. Acte friends is a collaboration between companies and designers. Cost of beeing Friend of ACTE is currently free . For beeing a friend we see that you are a designer that have applied to Rebelpin (any year) or that you are a company that work in the EU territory, application form for this you will find at the bottom of this page. Friends of ACTE is in tight collaboration with the NATIVE projects.

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Company type: Handmade shoes
Contact person: Minna Heino
Country: Sweden
FB page:

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