The 4th edition of Contextile 2018 takes place in Guimarães


One of the objectives of the Contemporary Textile Art Biennial - Contextile 2018 is to affirm Guimarães as a territory of textile culture.

With more than 200 artists and works from around the world, this edition will run from September 1st to October 20th by the different cultural spaces of the city of Guimarães.

The program features artistic interventions by the American Ann Hamilton (guest artist), an international exhibition, the intervention of Dvora Morag, artistic residencies, thematic workshops, TextileTalks and the exhibitions "Magic Carpets" and "Fiber Art Fever!" Among others.

The 4th edition of Contextile 2018 is based on the concept (in) organic, transversal to all artistic creations and programmatic content, and this is the placed challenge to more than 200 national and international artists.

This event has as institutional partner the Municipality of Guimarães, the support of Dgartes | Ministry of Culture, among others and as partnerships the ATP - Textile and Clothing Association of Portugal and ASM - Selective Fashion Association that will award the Acquisition Prizes during the Biennial. This Contextile 2018 intends to combine tradition and innovation in the textile with the culture and creativity, but also, to try to affirm the city of Guimarães as a Territory of Textile Culture.

This celebration of the textile culture is done through a multidisciplinary jury that selected 58 works of 51 artists from 26 countries (Portugal, among other European countries, North and South America, Asia and South Africa) among the 630 artists (of 62 countries) that presented 840 works for the international exhibition. The criteria of the regulation are: high creativity, originality and technical competence around the textile element, construction, theme, concept or material used, but also based on the thematic concept (in) organic.