The application deadline for the 2nd edition of the International Contest Lodz Young Fashion Award 2018 is the 22nd July


ŁÓDŹ YOUNG FASHION AWARD 2018 is dedicated to young fashion designers (up to the age of 30) from all over the world ‒ especially students and graduates of art schools and schools of fashion design ‒ and all those for whom design is a passion. The main theme of this year's edition is FREEDOM, and participation in the event is a chance to realize one's design dreams.

A presentation of the authorial collection in front of a jury, consisting of well-recognised designers and fashion industry representatives, is the first step to create one's own brand.The prize in the contest is MANEQUINE 2018 statuette and a financial award of 30 000 Euro.

The application deadline is 22nd of July. Entries for the Contest must be submitted via the registration application available on the website by filling in the application form and attaching the following:

1. Photographic documentation of 5 silhouettes selected out of the whole submitted collection (three photographic shots of each silhouette: front, back and detail – 15 shots altogether). collection, which could allow for identifi cation of the participant.

2. A description of the collection in English including the following data: the way of execution of the leading theme of the Contest in the submitted collection, the information concerning the materials used in the collection, dimensions and sizes of each silhouette, etc.