Beyond Seeing


Beyond Seeing, a multisensory exhibition, was presented for the first time in Paris at La Villette 19 to 28 January. Initiated by the Goethe-Institut of Paris in cooperation with four renowned fashion schools, the project is intended to make fashion discernible beyond the visual stimuli and above all, to develop innovative design concepts. 


Fashion is a complex social phenomenon that is rooted in many very different individual and collective needs. It reflects the ambiguous needs for individualism and conformism, expression and camouflage, exhibitionism and disguise. Yet the world of fashion is first and foremost a visual experience. A universe from which blind and visually impaired people are excluded.

Within the scope of several international research workshops, an exhibition and a discursive accompanying program, the interdisciplinary project Beyond Seeing is intended to make fashion discernible beyond the visual stimuli through interaction of sensory perceptions. Different target groups who never met before - students of design, blind and visually impaired participants as well as experts of different artistic disciplines - will be brought together for the first time in order to develop innovative design concepts.

The exhibition aims on creating a multisensory experience. The visitors – seeing or not seeing – will touch, hear, smell and taste as well as experience and interpret fashion beyond the visual aspect. A broad discursive accompanying program is planned, which provides an artistic, scientific as well as future-oriented exchange on the basis of the concrete experience made during every phase of the project.

After the opening event in Paris, the exhibition will be shown in Borås, Berlin and Brüssel.


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