Bless bets on the design, development and execution of collections


Bless bets on the design, development and execution of collections

Man, woman and child. Bless International has a very own register and a high standard of quality, which gives it a status of reference in the sector.

The company of Guimarães began its work in 1995, under the name Josborda, Lda. In this phase the activity was directed solely for the manufacture of embroidery. As a result of the work developed and acquired knowledge, the object of society was quickly changed.

Thus, in 1997, the company started selling and exporting the first pieces made, since the experience accumulated, far exceeded the production of only embroidery.

As a result of the process of growth and adaptation to today's and tomorrow's times, Bless Internacional is born. A company that replaces the previous designation, and which aims to represent with more rigor and communicative transparency the organization's DNA. With Bless International, there is also a commitment to strengthening and improving supply standards.

Bless International is in openly market, attentive to its surroundings and receptive to all the news and changes that happen every day. The company guarantees that it works in a "transparent and professional" way, to understand the needs of all stakeholders and present a final product that exceeds expectations.


As a result of a diversified palette of solutions, Bless International has extensive experience and dynamics in developing collections, also working with Certified Product Entities, ensuring global standards and local regulations. Bless bets on a high standard of quality and level of demand in the development and creation of new collections, combining design and versatility with comfort and quality.

Eyes set on the future of the company

The aim is to maintain a relationship of trust with the company's partners and clients, increasing, modernizing and improving all the equipment and production process, with a view to expanding its presence in new international markets without detracting from the wide potential of the national market.

Importance of belonging to Guimarães Brand

"A brand on a global scale, which can represent us as a whole and present us as a region of excellence in this professional activity," says Sílvia Costa, founder of Bless International.