Call for candidates for the Member Responsible of the European Projects Developement Office

We are glad to announce the call for candidates for the Member Responsible of the European Projects Developement Office. The Election will be held in the next Executive Committee of the network, to be celebrated in Igualada on the 4th April 2018. This election responds to the decision taken in the last Executive Committee of ACTE for Mandatory Organs' election, duration and tasks.
All effective members of ACTE are eligible to candidate for the role. The deadline to send the candidacy is the 22nd February 2018. 
For any doubts or comments you can contact to this email address or to
The tasks and conditions of this Mandatory Organ and the procedure of the election.
Election: Responsible for the European Projects Development Office
The Executive Committee of ACTE will elect in the meeting of the 4th April 2018 in Igualada (Barce-lona) the Member Responsible for the European Projects Development Office
Responsibilities of the European Projects Development Office:
The European Projects Development Office is in charge of carrying out the following tasks:
Forecast of programmes in which ACTE members can participate
- Follow up calls for European programmes.
- Share information of programmes and calls of interest with the members.
Contract the external services needed for writing of projects
Coordinate with Presidency/Secretariat the celebration of the Working Group meetings:
- Inform all members about the meetings.
- Set the agenda and draw the minutes.
Report to the Executive Committee the activity of the working group.
The ACTE network reserves 10.000 € that the Office can use to contract external services for the writing of pro-jects, according to the budget approved by the Executive Committee and ratified by the General Assembly in Lodz on the 19th October 2017.
Date of the election:
All effective members of the network are invited to candidate for the role.
The candidates will send their proposal to
Candidacies will be accepted until the 22nd February 2017.
The voting of the European projects development office will be celebrated during the ACTE Executive Committee on the 4th April 2018.
Voting process:
1) Presentation of Candidates: candidates are invited to the Executive Committee meeting to present their pro-posal.
2) Voting with raised hands and agreement by the members of the Executive Committee.
* Delegation of vote will be accepted.
* Members should have their fees up to date in order to vote.
Candidates to the election must fulfil the following conditions:
- Be effective member of the ACTE network with all fees up-to-date.
- Ability to attend to the ACTE meetings (economic resources and representation).
Requested documents:
The members must send the following information when they candidate. This information will be presented to the mem-bers of the Executive Committee:
- Staff and resources to develop the role.
- Work plan, methodology and objectives (in brief).
- Added value that your candidacy can give to the network.

We are looking forward to receive your candidacies.