Manifatture Digitali Cinema

Cineporto is a project promoted by Fondazione Sistema Toscana and supported by the Municipality of Prato, the Tuscan Region and the Ministry of Economy. Its aim is that of operating as a multifunction hub within the audiovisual sector. Numerous services are available in support of productions, with the objective of promoting within the audiovisual industry the attractiveness of Tuscany locations for indoor and outdoor film shoots. The responsible authority is Fondazione Sistema Toscana. The Municipality of Prato is temporarily providing at no charge the premises for training and for support to the productions. The historic complex of the former Convent of
Santa Caterina (about 1500 sqm) house: 
• a casting room 
• a technical room for viewing rushes 
• training classrooms and labs (storytelling, costumes, scenography, etc.) 
• a warehouse 
• a sound stage 
Cineporto ("Movie Factory") is a space designed to make available the best logistical and organizational conditions during local film productions, with offices, equipment, a casting room and meeting rooms. In particular, all productions taking place at Cineporto Prato offer the expertise and products developed in the model making/carpentry and costume design laboratories.