The Mayor of Santo Tirso (PT) visits Velpor, as business success company in the region


As part of the itinerary of visits to companies by INVEST Santo Tirso - Office of Economic Dynamization - the mayor of the city, Joaquim Couto, visited last Wednesday the company Velpor.

"This is a visit that confirms the script that we have been developing throughout this mandate, to create a connection of proximity and cordiality with the business world of the county, realizing in loco the difficulties and setbacks that the investors and entrepreneurs have in their companies . Velpor is, fortunately, another extraordinary case of success in Santo Tirso" declared the mayor.

Over the next two years, the company plans to invest two million euros in high-tech equipment, and create ten new jobs. "We want to invest in equipment, namely new looms, which are the state of the art of this industry, but also in human resources, that is, in hiring, to increase our production capacity but also our technical capacity" explained to the journalists Constantino Silva, General Director Velpor.

The company, which arrived in the year prior to a partnership agreement with Lantal Textiles AG, produces fabrics for metro, train and buses, being in this sector that Velpor has its main focus and intends to be market leader. "Currently, the most important area in the life of the company is the area of public transportation. At the end of last year an international shareholder, the Swiss company Lantal Textiles AG, took a position in the majority capital, and today there is this focus on fabrics for public transport. We aim to take a leading position in this segment, and we already have an important investment project underway" added Constantino Silva.

During the visit, Joaquim Couto highlighted the example of Velpor as one of several companies located in Água Longa, with potential to grow and that will count with the support of the municipality for infrastructure.

Velpor is one of the main European players of velvet and synthetic leather for the area of fashion, technical fabrics, upholstery and transports, and is located in Água Longa - Santo Tirso. In order to become a market leader, Velpor will invest 2 million euros in high technology equipment over the next two years and create ten new jobs.