Together we have submitted an application to Creative Europe Culture

The main objective of the project is to promote the textile heritage as a source of inspiration for artistic contemporary creation and promote new marketing and communication strategies focusing on quality, creativity, cultural added value and heritage marketing.  
The projects expected results will be as following: 
* A better understanding of the role that textile heritage can have for artistic creation by young designers and artists 
* The acquisition of new professional skills, ideas and relationships by the young designers and artists as a result of the re-use of the textile heritage and creative residencies
* The creation of new products / services inspired by the textile heritage and possible opening up of new market opportunities for young designers and artists
* The strengthening of the use of culture and creativity to better preserve, present and interpret textile heritage.
The project partnership is composed by textile museums, design schools and local authorities from five different EU countries (ES, IT, PL, PT, SE), with territories having a long-standing tradition in the textile & fashion sector. These three typologies of partners have been chosen so to ensure that project activities are implemented effectively and sustainability is ensured beyond the project’s life. Project partners are: 
* Prato Textile Museum Foundation - IT
* Municipality of Santo Tirso - PT
* Academy of Fine Arts of Łódź - PL
* Municipality of Gironella - ES
* Nordiska Textilakademin - SE.