ACTE Celebrates its First Executive Committee of 2017 in Santo Tirso, Portugal
On the 9th February 2017 members of the Executive Committee of ACTE (European Textile Collectivities Association) met for their first time after the Municipality of Borås (Sweden) was elected to hold the Presidency of the network
After the past General Assembly, in Prato (Italy) on the 15th June 2016, where ACTE members elected Mr. Ulf Olsson (Mayor of Borås, Sweden) as new president of the network, the mandate organs of ACTE have met for the first Executive Committee of the year. In this edition, the Executive Committee meeting counted with the representation of Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden, with the Vice-presidency of Portugal, represented by the Mayor of Santo Tirso, Mr. Joaquim Couto, as host of the event.
In the framework of the Executive Committee, the working groups of the network met also. The European programmes working group focused on the preparation of future joint projects to be financed with EU funds and corresponds to the priorities of the members. During the meeting three projects have been selected one to apply for the coming call and two to develop. The coordinators working group discussed a new marketing and communication strategy for the ACTE network.
The Executive Committee in Santo Tirso took several decisions for the performance of the work of the network. They scheduled several activities for the coming future, such as a fashion contest. The coordinators will prepare a proposal for a new edition of the contest to be approved in the next committee. It has been decided as well that the Vice-presidency of Italy will manage The European programmes working group as well as the investment and the applications to be developed in the group.
The members of the Executive Committee also approved the place and timing of the next General Assembly of the network that will be celebrated in the city of Lodz (Poland) the next autumn. It is previewed that in the next General Assembly of ACTE, the mandatory board will be approved, as well as the membership of new territories and institutions.