RESET: RESearch centers of Excellence in the Textile sector

The textile and clothing sector in Europe includes 173,000 companies with a turnover of €165 billion, employing 1.87 million people. The sector’s competitiveness is linked to innovation and technology development and more recently, sustainability and environmentally-friendly production. Production uses high levels of raw materials, water, energy and chemicals and often generates air, water and soil pollution through untreated effluent and waste, which can have a big impact on the environment.

New, sustainable approaches are being developed and adopted by textile and clothing companies across the EU. Informing stakeholders and policy makers about these good practices would allow those solutions to be adopted in other regions. RESET is an Interreg Europe project which aims to change the way European Structural Fund policies and programmes are implemented in the partners’ regions.

Its key objective is to improve regional policies and promote a more sustainable approach to production in the sector. This includes the creation, management and enhancement of the Research and Development and Innovation infrastructures required to develop greener and more sustainable textile and clothing products and processes which will different these regions from their competitors. 

RESET addresses 6 key themes: 

Recycling in textile and waste disposal
Water consumption and energy saving, sustainable company organisations 
New sustainable chemistry, including reduction of chemical substances 
Smart textiles and new ways of production 
Eco-creativity, natural fibres, short value chains
New materials and new applications 
Each RESET partner will develop an Action Plan detailing how policy instruments are to be improved in each region, indicating the actions, timeframe, players, possible costs and funding sources required. They will be embedded into the participating regions’ National and Structural Fund Programmes with the aim of significantly reducing the environmental impact of textile and clothing production across Europe whilst increasing the competitiveness of the sector. 
Municipality Of Prato – Italy
Next Technology Tecnotessile (NTT) - Italy
Lodzkie Region – Poland
Cluster Technical Textiles (CLUTEX)– Czech Republic
Textile Research Institute (AITEX) – Spain
Textile Centre Of Excellence (TCoE) – United Kingdom
Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) - Germany
Technological Centre For Textile And Clothing Of Portugal (CITEVE) – Portugal
National Research & Development Institute For Textiles And Leather (INCDTP) – Romania
Centre Of European Textile Innovation (CETI) – France

Municipality of Prato

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Friday, March 17, 2017