Maria Molina, Spain

Rain dust

My inspiration starts in a mermaid that spends the winters out of the water and survive an urban jungle. One day you have to leave everything you have and leave your home. Face a place you don't know a language you don't speak a culture that you don't understand and fight to survive. Tricot garments with rhinestones, salmon skin and die-cut fabrics are the most important fabrics in this collection.

All the polyester fabrics are made with recycled plastic of the Mediterranean Sea. The yarn is made with recycled plastic bottles. All woolen garments are hand woven. And the rest of the fabrics used are 100% natural like a mohair, salmon skin, silk.

The silhouette of the models is inspired by the contrast between nature and urban. This collection has an Eco-friendly philosophy. And respectful of the environment. The jewels of the collection are made with ceramic inspired by organic shapes.