Ajuntament de Mataró
Ajuntament de Mataró

Mataró is a Mediterranean city, active and constantly transforming, engaging in new technologies and faithful to its culture and history. You'll find out about its rich architectural and archaeological heritage, enjoy its beaches, parks and mountains, have fun with its parties and traditions, and find a wide range of shopping facilities and traditional Mediterranean markets.Mataró is the largest city between Barcelona and France, representing 1.33 % of the GDP of Catalonia.

The city pioneered the industrialisation of Catalonia, and is currently diversifying its manufacturing sectors, setting out priorities to recover its main industries, textiles (knitted fabrics), trade and tourism, and pushing edu-cation, the marine sector and health as essential elements for the city’s future.

Tecnocampus is the technology park and university run by the Mataró City Council. The Integration of a university campus associated with the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and a Business park is the defining feature that sets Tecnocampus apart. Tecnocampus has a firm commitment to entrepreneurship and quality tuition linked to the region’s production sector.

Ajuntament de Mataró

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Ajuntament de Mataró
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