Ajuntament de Terrassa
Ajuntament de Terrassa

The city of Terrassa is part of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (RMB). It has an excellent road and railway communications with Barcelona.

With more than 216.000 inhabitants, Terrassa has a rich cultural and artistic heritage dominated by the Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac Natural Park, a biodiversity park that provides a delightful landscape in a natural environment. The set of Churches of Sant Pere (Seu d’Ègara, IV-XXI Century), an architectural heritage that stands out for their originality and beauty, La Torre del Palau (Palace Tower) and the Castell Cartoixa (Castle-Carthusian) Monastery of Vallparadís constitute its medieval heritage. A leap in time brings us to the age of Catalan Modernism ─Art Nouveau─ and industrialisation: the Aymerich, Amat and Jover Mill, (now the mNACTEC-Science and Technics of Catalonia Museum), the Masia Freixa and the Alegre de Sagrera House, all of them industrial Textile heritage.

Terrassa has one of the most prominent industrial audiovisual production complexes of southern Europe –Parc Audiovisual of Catalunya- and the Terrassa University Campus offers 176 official qualifications including Aeronautics, Cinema and Audiovisual, Telecommunications, Sound, Image, Photography and Multimedia.

The Jazz Festival, Modernism Fair, hockey, Castellers (human towers recognised as a Human heritage by UNESCO in 2010), etc. complete a broad range of cultural and sport activities.

Textiles have been strongly linked to the city of Terrassa in the past, and it is also at this very present. The municipality and the local stakeholders (UPC, Leitat T.C., Orbital 40 and others) are highly committed for the development of Creative Industries, using the innovation as a change driver on the local production model.

Terrassa has transformed its textile past and has broken with the conventional knowledge (inertial), bidding for a new way on innovation generating, related to processes. That is looking for projects that provide transformation, particularly those which may influence beyond the local level, in national or global ones. But more especially, Terrassa has the main purpose to promote the preservation of textile heritage according to its history.

Ajuntament de Terrassa

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Representative - Deputy Major Amadeu Aguado

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