Ajuntament d’Igualada
Ajuntament d'Igualada

Igualada is the capital of the of the Anoia’s county. The municipality is located 60 km away from Barcelona, in the central Catalonia area, and extends to the left of the Anoia River. The town has an area of 313 km2.

Igualada was founded around the year 1.000 around the Anoia’s river. The name Igualada comes from the latin aqualata. The town has its origin in a crossroad between two roads. Its strategic geographic position has promoted the agriculture and the commerce and the goods exchange.

The industrialisation process made Igualada one of the major points for the textile industry in Spain leading to a great period of economical growth.

Nowadays the majority of the companies in the city are from the services sector. Industry still is the second economic sector (1109 companies). 47 companies are producing clothing and 36 companies are considered textile industries. Thus, the traditional sectors as clothing and textile continue to be important in the town’s economy.

The existent strategic sectors for Igualada economic development define actuation lines for public policies working on co-developed projects with different cities’ stakeholders with to goal to boost economic growth and promote Igualada outside Catalonia. The strategic sectors are the following:

  • Development of traditional sectors
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Development of new sectors
  • Healthcare and IC
  • Commitment to the city’s internationalization
  • A city of events.

The events and venues of the city are:

  • European Balloon Festival
  • Urban Running i Night Shopping
  • FirAnoia
  • Esport i natura
  • Mostra de Teatre infantil
  • REC.O
Ajuntament d’Igualada

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Ajuntament d’Igualada
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Vice President Patricia Illa

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