Ayuntamiento de Alcoy
Ayuntamiento de Alcoy

Alcoy is a City with 60.000 inhabitants in the Comunitat Valenciana (Spain). It is lo-cated between Valencia and Alicante cities, with good communications, especially through a central highway in Spain. The city counts on more than 750 years of history and it has always been an industrial point, in which textiles have been the main activity during the centuries. Alcoy is surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes; actually, the 90% of the surface is environmentally protected in 2 natural parks with a great value. The city is surrounded also of bridges, since the city was built among ravines. Concerning cultural heritage, Alcoy counts on great example of Modernist architecture, reminding other cities in Catalonia during the time of the Industrial Revolution (in Spain), when there was a prosperous bourgeoisie that invested in the urban transformation.

The industrial activity in Alcoy started in the XV Century, a long trajectory that had a peak in the Industrial Revolution in the XIX-XX centuries. It was one of the first cities in Spain where this revolution started and it was thanks to the strength of the rivers around. The textile industry has always been the main one and still today, it employs about a 27% of the workforce. Textiles are also the main exportations of Alcoy and also the main turnover in our city.

Alcoy keeps modernising and updating thanks to the investment that local entrepre-neurs have made for the modernisation of the sector and the quality of workforce. The head office of the textile technological centre AITEX, also member of the ACTE network for a long time, is also located in Alcoy and provides also to the entire sector in Spain a great added value thanks to their work on technical textiles and innovation, contributing to the modernisation, improvement in processes and competitiveness of the textile enterprises.

The city relies on innovation and training and on the education particularly of workers. The Polytechnic University of Valencia has also got a campus in Alcoy that offers Masters and PhD in Textile Engineering. There is also a vocational training centre that offers textile studies as well and the School of Arts and Design of Alcoy, which offers fashion studies.

The Municipality of Alcoy counts on a space devoted to entrepreneurship and innovation, a very dynamic space that contributes a lot to the economic growth of the city. Alcoy has much more to offer in the cultural sense; there is a theatre fair known at international level, important museums and local traditions well known at national level, among others.

Ayuntamiento de Alcoy

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Ayuntamiento de Alcoy


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