Nordiska Textilakademin
Nordiska Textilakademin

We offer education that is Individual, Flexible and Available:

Individual – because education and competence stems from our own, individual conditions (as opposed to an industrial process). To us, theco-worker, student or company´s collected skills, needs and goalsare the starting point for the journey forward.

Flexible – because the world changes, and so do our business. Our starting point is to adapt and adjust – to offer education at the desired pace, place and platform.

Available – because competence is based on the continued interaction between student and educator, theory and practical skills, companies and the world around us. Our starting point is to be available where our client is, and make a life long learning possible.

Our client: three categories, three needs Students – longer and shorter education Businesses – guidance and education for the new generation Textile industry in Sweden – a neutral meeting place

Nordiska Textilakademin

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