Native Project FOR Companies

Native a European project that promotes designers integration in fashion sector SMEs.

The principal goals of Native are:

  • Promote intercultural / inter-generational dialogue and a better understanding of cultural diversity between young designers.
  • Strengthen networking and communication skills of young designers.
  • Improve the chances to enter new markets and strengthen the market positioning of young designers.

As a company partner for the native project you guide young designers to develop their design collection that they have sent in to the NATVIVE project. 

For how long?

  • Designers will be in your compay for three days while they develop their collection, all expensives are paid by the Native project.

What will you support them with?

    • Designers will have a contact person / mentor on the company who takes care of them so they can develop their design collection and make it ready for the market.
    • Acess to your machines and inhouse knowledge

Whats in it for you?

      • You will be able to have a talented designer that can be employeed in your company.
      • Be inspired by young designers
      • Media exposure
      • Visibility on ACTE channels
      • Free of charge membership in friends of ACTE network