Our misson, passion and endeavour. Our story.

Who we are

ACTE’s mission is to carry the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear, and fashion accessories industries into the future, while preserving the interests of its members – both territorial collectivities and adherent organisations.
ACTE is a network of around 30 municipalities around Europe, representing a population of about 2.000.000 inhabitants. The cities and territories associated have in common a model of business development related to the textile and fashion sectors. The network also counts on membership by institutions related to the textile industry, local development agencies, research in textile, design, education and further more. Our members all provide the network with different dimensions on the evolution of the sector, making our performance more complete.
ACTE work through cooperation, innovative thinking and the knowledge generated from thousands of people within our member organisations. By connecting people and ideas – and by sharing experiences and insights – we inspire individuals, industries and territories to collaborate and improve. Together
we are well prepared to meet future challenges. ACTE is the member’s voice of progress as well as an arena where the European textile, clothing, leather, footwear and fashion accessories industries meet to create the fabrics of the future.
Then and now
ACTE, European Textile Collectivities Association, was founded in Guimarães (Portugal) in 1991, by initiative of Mr.Mario Soares, ex president of Portugal, Mr. Pierre Mauroy former prime minister of France and six municipalities in Spain, France, Portugal, and Belgium.
Today ACTE is an expanding network, with more than 70 members, from seven countries within Europe. Local and regional authorities (as municipalities) are the direct members and institutions join the network as adherent members. The organisation is led by an executive committee and an elected presidential staff for three years at a time. All members meet annually, at our General Assembly (GA).