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Circular economy and Circular design

With the mission of creating a zero-waste fashion and textile industry, this webinar focuses on strategies, case studies and trade-offs. It will also cover tested circularity frameworks, tools and methodologies, as well as the implementation of circular strategies in the industry.

Moderator is Ola Bakowska, a project manager at Circle Economy’s Textiles programme. In the webinar Hilde van Duijn and Gwen Cunningham from Circle Economy will participate too. Gwen is the lead of the Textiles Programme at Circle Economy and Hilde has, as project manager for the Interreg NWE Fibersort project, worked more than 12 years as a strategy and policy consultant, since 2015 with a focus on sustainable and circular textiles.

The webinar includes:
– case studies
– introduction to the circular economy as a strategy to achieve impact
– explanation of the seven Key Elements Framework, with case studies from the textile and apparel sector
– circular design strategies and trade-offs
– garment end of life challenges and potential circular solutions including high-value recycling
– a company success story presentation
– debate and questions from the audience to the experts.


The event is finished.


Nov 26 2020


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Native webinars
Native webinars


  • Hilde van Duijn
    Hilde van Duijn
    Project manager for the Interreg NWE Fibersort project

    Hilde van Duijn has a track-record of over 12 years as a strategy and policy consultant, witha dedicated focus on sustainable and circular textiles since 2015. In the past years, Hilde hasbeen the project manager for the Interreg NWE Fibersort project, leading a diverseconsortium of project partners representing the different steps of the end-of-use value chainfor textiles (collection, sorting, recycling). The project assessed the socio-cultural, technicaland economic barriers and opportunities for textiles sorting and recycling at scale inNorth-West Europe. Before joining Circle Economy in 2018, Hilde was seconded on a full-time basis as the acting Executive Director for the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA), a multi-stakeholder initiative uniting key industry players (including H&M, Inditex, Kering, and C&A Foundation) to positively impact the business case for organic cotton production and processing throughout the value chain. Before becoming the acting Executive Director in 2017, Hilde led OCA’s supply chain consultation assessing the financial and operational reality of organic cotton for the brand’s key suppliers in 2015 and 2016. Prior to dedicating herself to the textiles industry, Hilde worked on numerous projects like the implementation of the European Flood Directive in the Netherlands and the facilitation of knowledge exchange throughout the multi-year Interreg project WAVE. Hilde holds a MSc degree from the Technical University of Delft in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French.

  • Gwen Cunningham
    Gwen Cunningham
    Lead of the Textiles Programme at Circle Economy

    Gwen Cunningham is the Lead of the Textiles Programme at Circle Economy, where she manages a team of five, and steers the programme’s strategic development and internationalization, in order to meet its impact goals. Her background and expertise in circular textiles and apparel has a focus on design, business model innovation and end-of-use value chains. Since joining Circle Economy in 2014, Gwen has managed a number of pre-competitive, multi—stakeholder initiatives, aimed at supporting apparel brands in the practical uptake of circular strategies within their operations. As project manager for the post-consumer recycled denim (PCRD) working group in the ‘Alliance for Responsible Denim’ she led a consortium of 40 denim brands, suppliers and recyclers in the development and integration of postconsumer recycled fibre. In 2016, she led the development of the Circle Fashion Tool, an online tool that enables brands to assess the circular performance of their business and identify key opportunities for improvement. Currently, Gwen is co-leading the ‘Switching Gear Project’ which guides global apparel brands in the design and launch of rental or recommerce business model pilots. In addition to her work at Circle Economy, Gwen is the sustainability coordinator and lecturer at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, across both the Bachelor and Master programs. She is a native English speaker.

  • Ola Bakowska
    Ola Bakowska
    Project manager at Circle Economy’s Textiles programme

    Ola Bakowska is a project manager at Circle Economy’s Textiles programme. Currently, she is responsible for the development and facilitation of On Course, a circular educational programme for textiles and apparel educators and professionals.Before joining Circle Economy in 2019, Ola consulted multinational clients at the public affairs and communications agency in London. Ola has engaged in sustainable fashion innovation since 2014, with experience in fashion design, writing and public speaking as well as design thinking facilitation and creating short courses and events.Ola holds an MA degree from Central Saint Martins in Innovation Management, and an MA in Fashion Design from an Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. She is native in Polish and fluent in English.

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