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Meeting Gavipunt in Spain

Virtual Tour of Gavipunt  in Spain


Gavipunt S.L is a knitwear company created in 1992 specialist in knitting from gauge 3 to 15 with flat Shima Seiki machines. Gavipunt entire production is carried out in our 3000 m2 facilities at 60 km from Barcelona and all our suppliers are local.

We find the best solution for our customer’s collection by giving direct and personal assistance to achieve the required sample. We advise them throughout the process
Using our customer’s designs, we seek the best yarn option and our programming and production team develops the first sample to achieve the product our customer is looking for.


Gavipunt, S.L. has a highly trained and experienced team that watches out for all the details and combines technology with craftwork.

Once we have the final sample, we scale it up, weave, make up, iron, label and send it wherever our customer wants.
At Gavipunt we have a strong focus on nature and the world around us. For many years we have taken the environment and ethical responsibility seriously and today we have various certifications such as OEKO TEX, RCS, OCS and CRS by Sedex, to make a difference when it is in our hands.

We work with RWS certified 100% merino wool. The cotton we use is organic cotton. We work with recycled and ecological fibers.
We have a commitment to the environment and we want to keep the value chain as Local/European as possible.


LInk to meeting: https://bit.ly/2S8Qznc

Time for the virtual tour/e-visit is in GMT (+1) STOCKHOLM



Jun 09 2021


GMT (+1)
10:30 am - 12:30 pm


Online webinar
Online webinar


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