A smart fashion industry using digital innovation

This e-talk shows how modern digital dynamics allow you to successfully build innovative business models. The webinar focuses in particular on the Sustainability Masters model. A model that has many different applications in the fashion world.

Within the webinar two hours we will look into a general approach to modern business management and innovation in uncertain contexts. In particular, the e-talk will explore the role of businesses, in the perspective of a social and environmental impact. Finally, we will show some specific cases – mostly in the fashion industry – where we see how these companies has met their challenges in order to succeed in a tough market.

The webinar includes:
– introduction and agenda
– business model innovation in creative industries
– business model innovation for a sustainable future
– case studies; Angelo Inglese, Ottagono, Reverse and Progetto QUID
– Q&A.


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A smart fashion industry using digital innovation

February 17, 2021
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February 17, 2021
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