The London Textile Fair

With 500 exhibitors, TLTF is the UK’s premier platform for fashion fabrics, apparel accessories, print studios and vintage garments. 
The London Textile Fair is the leading industry exhibition within the UK, presenting fashion fabrics, accessories, print design and vintage garments. The show is held biannually (January – September) at the Business Design Centre and it counts around 500 mostly European exhibitors at each edition
TLTF concept is very simple: we provide each exhibitor with a single stand, chairs, table cloth, rails and a sign. We ensure that each and every exhibitor is promoted equally in this way and we don’t allow big banners on the floor. Whether a large or a small manufacturer, the modular format of single tables offers an equal opportunity for all.
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September 4, 2023
End Date
September 5, 2023
Web adress
The Business design centre, London