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TRENDS - International Apparel & Fashion expo

Thousands of brands and Polish and foreign designers in one place, at this International Apparel Fair. An special event that integrates the apparel industry, making it possible to establish new business relationships and attract previously less accessible suppliers.

Poland’s apparel sector has been growing rapidly for many years and, as it turns out, has shown considerable resilience to the crisis. Among other things, it owes this success to its ability to adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences, offering innovative solutions that not long ago seemed beyond its reach. For example, the industry now makes it possible to source second-hand products from reputable brands. Despite successfully dealing with various challenges, there is a need to discuss the future and further development of the sector. An excellent opportunity to do so will be the participation  in Expo Trends – International Apparel & Fashion Expo in Rzgow.
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September 11, 2024
End Date
September 13, 2024
Web adress
Ptak Wholesale Center, Rzgow