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Friends of ACTE

A vital part of the ACTE family

Together we shape the fabrics of the future. 
If you are an expert, specialists, company, or designer in our segment of industry, ACTE is the place to collaborate. Join and make our strategic community Friends of ACTE even better.

Your business is at the very core of ACTE. Even if the ACTE statues say that companies cannot be part of the network decision making, textile and fashion companies are continuously contributing as strategic partners in different innovative projects. The Friends of ACTE community help narrowing the gap between companies in different parts of the ACTE territories. Sharing knowledge and understanding, we jointly support a strong European textile and fashion industry.

Why Friends of ACTE

  • Find insights and inspiration in our common field of expertise
  • Understand your challenges and see other’s innovative solutions
  • Find people, organisations, and businesses across Europe to collaborate with
  • Take part of innovative projects within textile and fashion
  • Share your story and inspire others.

As a member of this community, you will also be able to publish your news and events free of charge on the ACTE website. Your membership in Friends of ACTE is free of charge.

Read more? Some of the Friends of ACTE s are interviewed under “Insights & Inspiration“. Have a peek right now!

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