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AMAVE – Association of Municipalities of Vale do Ave – was founded in 1991. The organisation is a regional forum for discussion, conception and implementation of projects of common interest to the associates. The projects concerns quality of life of the populations, the development of the companies, as they at the same time guarantee environmental sustainability, as well as preserving memory and culture. With the aim to contribute to the development of the region, road infrastructure, schools, environmental solutions for waste management and wastewater treatment is shared at a inter-municipal level.

In another aspect, the AMAVE is a means of European and other international connections for the Vale do Ave to Europe. In this context even ACTE was born. In the scope of ACTE, besides being a founding member, AMAVE actively collaborates and participates in all events, discussing, proposing and promoting them.

Presently, the territorial circumscription of AMAVE includes the Municipalities of Fafe, Guimarães, Vizela, Santo Tirso and Vila Nova de Famalicão. The region is located in the North of Portugal, has an area of 820 square kilometers and about 450 thousand inhabitants. Vale do Ave is an extremely dynamic and productive region with a strong industrial component that makes it one of the engines of the Portuguese economy.

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National Coordinator Antonio Quintão
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+351 253 422 400


Mayor (of Santo Tirso) Alberto Costa

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Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães 1, 4800-019 Guimarães