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Comune di Castel Gofreddo

Castel Goffredo is located in the province of Mantua, Lombardy. It is close to Lake Garda and at less than 1 hour by car from Milan and Verona. Castel Goffredo is known as a centre of excellence in the production of pantyhose and socks of any kind. This small town, with less than 13,000 inhabitants, is the capital of a surrounding industrial district that have been involved in textile production since the Middle Ages.

In the past, wool was the key raw material used by the textile producers, in the 18th century one of the prominent families in town, named Acerbi, introduced sericulture (it. bachiculture) and started silk production. Cotton weaving was also introduced around the same time. The production of cotton and silk was revolutionised by the industrial processes of the 20th century – which also saw the introduction of the new synthetic fibers in the business.

The Castel Goffredo area is a well-known production hub for woman hosiery, renown for its quality and creativity,  both in terms of product and business innovation. This area has given birth to some of the big players of Italian hosiery, among others, Golden Lady and Calzedonia.

Palazzo Gonzaga-Acerbi in Castel Gofreddo. Photo: Massimo Telò

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