CNA - Federmoda

CNA Federmoda is the National Association of small and medium enterprises producing the best "Made in Italy" fashion. The organisation aims at promoting its members through a number of events and communication activities and at introducing them to the public by means of the platform Mood Market (www.moodmarket.it).

The platform is an interesting opportunity to create interaction among manufacturing companies and producers of accessories for the fashion industry, such as buttons, embroideries, labels, zips and trimmings, and enterprises in the end market, and to make the whole chain of fashion better known on the international markets.

In the platform there are enterprises from all over Italy and from all manufacturing specialisations, with special regard to manufacturing suppliers, thus giving a complete overview on all sectors.

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Adherent member

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Antonio Franceschini
+39 06 44188 271


G. Secretary Antonio Franceschini
+39 06 44188 271

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Piazza M. Armellini 9A, 00162 Roma