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Gotland Grönt Centrum/ Green Centre of Gotland combines education and advisory services to farmers, breeders, crafts people and small scale food producers. In a near future Gotland Grönt Centrum AB is ment to be a platform for information for wool producers in Gotland. Hushållningssällskapet Gotland, which is the main owner of Gotland Grönt Centrum AB, started its activities already in 1791 with education and advisory services to farmers.

Wool crafting is very present on the island with three spinning mills and a large number of craftspeople and designers working with wool from Gotland or elsewhere. Recently, a wool scouring facility was added to the already numerous wool processors. It is the only large scale wool scouring industry in Scandinavia, and gives Gotland the opportunity to take the lead when locally produced textile items are getting more and more sought for by the Swedish consumer.

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