IEG Mouscron

The IEG is an inter-municipal organisation, working in full for the local municipalities, the companies and the citizens in our territory. The missions of the IEG revolve around the sectors of water production and distribution, economic development, energy and leisure in the territory of Mouscron, Comines-Warneton, Estaimpuis and Pecq.

The IEG is also an open channel to the outside world and thus active in many different organisations, such as the Picardy Wallonia Development Council, the Eurometropolis, as well as the Wallonia Development and of course ACTE. The IEG is continually developing new projects: for example, the reduction in energy consumption, the reduction of greenhouse gases and the reduction of the energy bill. These are all great opportunities for the IEG to both deploy its know-how and to strengthen the development of the territory and the quality of life of its citizens.

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Vice presidency

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Stéphanie Collard


Stéphanie Collard

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Rue de la Solidarité 80 - 7700 Mouscron (Belgium)