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Participation for Native

If you are a SME and would like to have the opportunity to be a participant in the Native project that includes:
  • Coaching and advice activities to the selected young designers in Akademia Sztuk Pieknych Lodz, Poland.
  • Organization of creative residencies to develop prototypes or small scale collections arranged by Prato, Italy.
  • Local exhibitions arranged by Modacc Spain.
  • Organization of a catwalk to showcase the creations by the selected young designers.
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The brand name

Idea and technical description

Present the entire concept of the design work from inspiration to complete concept
Give a technical description as well as explanation about the fabrication of all clothes. Information about material selection is an advantage:

Business plan

Describe the company / brand history. How and why was the company started? How did you describe the company needs and business opportunities?
What image of the future should the company / brand strive for?
What is the company / brand has for raison d'être?
Describe how you are organized today. How do you see the company / brand's future organization?
Describe short your company, customers segment and product group.
What are the objectives of your company?

Describe budget and turnover goals

Budget and turnover goals.
Describe the strategy you have to accomplish budget and goals.