E-visits of Native

Virtual tours of the Native companies

From May of2021 and onwards the Native project will hold a series of e-visits (virtual tours), connection fashion industry, young design and modern creativity. While it isn’t possible to conduct on-site residencies for the ten Native designers, it’s still important to share necessary inputs on modern techniques and sustainable, commercial strategies. These residencies will be performed digitally.

Native will conduct a series of e-visits, as part of the online training programme for the selected designers. These e-visits are also open to the public audience. The aim for the Native project is to make sure all designers are supported through proper mentorship and inspiration. They will stay in touch with their business associate, but only digitally. The e-visits are part of the Native program and will hopefully help towards commercial design and production thinking.

These e-visits are open to the public. Check this web page for further updates.

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