A reinvigorating new fashion event
February 13, 2024

Something new and hopefully reinvigoration in the textile and fashion business is happening in southern Spain this year. The Goød Fashion Convention is opening for the first time in Jerez de la Frontera in mid-March.

It’s an event, a fair, or possibly you can call it a convention. But it’s more a collaborative makerspace for innovation, sustainability, and creativity. It offers companies, designers, and visitors an experience beyond ordinary. For example, by combining textile and fashion with the Jerez Tattoo Convention.

The Goød Fashion Convention gathers many small brands from all corners of Spain, to create a community for three days. During these days there is also many lectures and workshops about sustainability, for the designers and for the visitors.
The event is a platform with two aims: to open the eyes of many people about sustainable fashion, and for brands to expand their markets.

Con tinta y hilo da vida a tu estilo

Moøde found a need
Lisa Ivarsson, a designer that works in Barcelona, is part of the co-arranging design group Moøde:
— It all started during corona, when many small shops were closed and I, among many other designers, had a hard time getting products on the market. So, we decided to get together with several other designers and create an event.

— The reception of our first event was brilliant. We had more than 300 visitors and both the visitors, and the designers liked that it felt like a community. Then, as we started to plan more events, people started writing to us on Instagram, asking to join events and for advice.

— Our next step was obvious, we created meetings and networked in sharing concerns, ideas, and knowledge. We quickly realised that the need for the designers was great, both as a community and a sales channel. As we are all fashion designers and are well experienced facing the problems that come with having your own brand, it felt natural to share that experience. We also feel that we are taking a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry, by helping other small brands and new designers.

Combining an experience
The Goød Fashion Convention is the first event in southern Spain that offers a comprehensive fashion experience. Including everything from performances, fashion shows, engaging lectures and lots of unique designs. The arrangers proudly say that they’re the first major event in the world that brings together fashion and tattoo – two ways of expressing one’s personal style.

They also have a slogan: Con tinta y hilo da vida a tu estilo. It means “with ink and thread you bring your style to life”.

A returning event
Lisa Ivarsson again:
— We wish for this to be the 1st edition of many. And that The Goød Fashion Convention can be organised in several places in Europe later on. We are looking beyond the borders of Spain in the future. Wanting our community to grow and that designers from all over the world want to become members of Moøde.

The Goød Fashion Convention in Jerez de la Frontera (starting March 15th) offers more than 250 exhibitors, three days with a great variety of happenings. The event is held in collaboration with the Jerez Tattoo Convention, now in its 7th year, and growing every year.

Moøde is a fashion community, created by and for emerging designers in Barcelona. Since its start in 2020, the community has organised more than 10 major pop-up store events, several fashion shows, and numerous community-focused events, such as workshops and discussions. Moøde works to showcase the fashion scene in Barcelona and beyond the city as well. The board leaders are Andrea Cristina Balcazar, Lisa Andrea Ivarsson och Svetlana Konovalova.

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