AI project improves brand marketing
AI project improves Catalan brand marketing
February 28, 2024

Seven brands associated with the Catalan textile and fashion cluster MODACC start a project with Neural Fashion AI, to use more AI (artificial intelligence) in the marketing.

The MODACC Cluster commences a project with Neural Fashion AI, a platform designed for the fashion industry. The platform supports the use of artificial intelligence when generating visual content designed for the marketing strategies of companies in the sector. Neural Fashion AI and Modacc have jointly designed a specific plan with exclusive benefits for the brands associated with the cluster. This includes training sessions to share learnings, individual sessions to focus on the projects of each brand, and more. Participating brands are Happy Punt, Bohodot, Sita Murt, Boboli, Simorra, The Animals Observatory, and Escorpion.

AI at the forefront
This project allows the participating brands  to stay at the forefront of marketing – improving their creation processes, reducing lead times and optimising the results of campaigns swiftly and sustainably. Furthermore, it allows them to present products in innovative contexts, where it otherwise would be very difficult, if not impossible, to carry out photo or filming sessions.

The Catalan Fashion Cluster (Modacc) is committed to digital transformation and promotes innovation in Catalan fashion through its collaboration with the company Raona, developers of Neural Fashion AI. This is the first platform designed for the fashion industry – using AI to help brands and different players in the sector to generate visual content designed for their marketing strategies. This includes developing collection launch campaigns or complementing their content for social networks on an ongoing basis.