Image from the Circular Design Guide
Circular design guide for Swedish wool
February 28, 2024

The collaborative project The Swedish Wool Initiative has published a circular design guide. The guide will help companies to use Swedish wool in a sustainable and circular way.

Science Park Borås is working on several projects to facilitate the use of Swedish wool as a circular material of the future. Thus supporting the transition into a circular and sustainable textile industry. Wool may as a raw material be used in much more than just clothing. It’s for example, also suitable for interior design and products within the construction and sports industries.

Classifying and supporting design
There are some major challenges in the choice of wool as a basic textile material. Among those challenges are the need to create an efficient infrastructure, how to manage recycling, and how to classify different types of wool. Science Park Borås is a member of The Swedish Wool Initiative, run by Axfoundation. This is a strategic stakeholder collaboration that encompasses the whole wool value chain. The organisation aims at finding ways to scale up Swedish wool and to make the industry more sustainable.

During 2023, the project launched Svensk Ullstandard (the Swedish Wool Standard), which includes a precise classification system for Swedish wool. The Swedish Wool Standard is based on international practice yet adapted to the unique conditions of the Swedish wool market.
And in January this year, The Swedish Wool Initiative’s design guide was launched – an important tool for companies wanting to work in a circular and sustainable way, using Swedish wool.

Swedish brands at the forefront
The new guide also shares valuable learnings from leading Swedish brands. Participating companies include Filippa K, Fjällräven, Klippan Yllefabrik and Tiger of Sweden, all partners in The Swedish Wool Initiative and actively using Swedish wool in their products.

Read/download the design guide here (click).