E-talk Ready Made
March 21, 2022

For reasons out of our control we need to postpone the session


We invite you to the first Friends of ACTE E-talk 27th of April 3pm (GMT+2)
Many brands are moving in the direction of capsule or incision collections (4/8 weeks of delivery), so in this E-talk you will hear more about the concept “Ready made” and be able to see how it works in real-time, and of course be able to ask questions to our panel.

Mr.Roberto Corbelli presents the concept of “ Ready Made” and the fact that many brands are moving in the direction of capsule collections (4/8 weeks of delivery) a business model C2M.

Mr. Nicola Dallari Super-zoom Academy divisions, supports companies and professionals wishing to tackle the competitive challenges in fashion industry.

Mr. Riccardo Collina export manager at the Centergross of Bologna describes how it works in real-time. In the panel of discussion, we will meet as well Mr. Antonio Franceschini CAN Federmoda.