Designer Marta Costa
Friends of ACTE: A designer is a "fixer"
September 25, 2023

– Part of my personality is to be a fixer.
Those are the words from Portuguese designer Marta Costa. A designer that participated in the 2022 RebelPin Fashion Awards, where she won the popular jury price.

Here is the description as Marta won the RebelPin:
Marta Costa’s identity emerges from the antagonism between a genderless punk aesthetic and elements from her childhood. Her work is distinguished by the use of texts with protest messages, prints and attention to detail. It is also common to find in the designer’s work the construction of looks with overlays, creating layers of transparencies and textures that, when mixed with irregular ruffles, create a chromatic plasticity that is always different in each look.”

As a alumni designer with ACTE, Marta is also a Friend of ACTE. Here, she shares more about herself and her relationship with ACTE.

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