Friends of ACTE: Always curious, creating my own world
November 2, 2023

– I only have great memories of my experience with the ACTE team, that started back in 2021. I discovered RebelPin Fashion Awards by coincidence on social media and decided to apply.  I felt welcome to this great family from the first moment until the present, and we are still in touch.

The words above are from designer Lourdes Bernabé, with the brand in the same name. She participated in the ACTE RebelPin fashion awards the covid years 2020 and 2021. The awards show (and the activities the year leading up to the finale) was all held digitally. Still, Lourdes has many good things to say about the collaboration during the year.

Honestly, It’s the best experience I have ever had after my university studies, because I started to make my dreams a reality.

  I loved feeling supported remotely by weekly checkouts by the organisation directors.  Also, getting to develop my fashion vision with the help of amazing personal mentors. The composition of the team within my fashion purpose pushed my career to new levels. I was inspired to create a fashion brand that truly represented my vision referring to aesthetics and production matters. Honestly, It’s the best experience I have ever had after my university studies, because I started to make my dreams become a reality.

Designer and entrepreneur
– Today, I can proudly say that I am working on big projects for my brand. I have been studying many different aspects to grow as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, including new technical developments and digital resources.

I felt welcome to this great family from the first moment…

– Being a young entrepreneur is definitely challenging, but I love pushing myself as much as I can so I can define myself much better as a responsible creator.

Designing is often a tough job, even if the help from ACTE and the Rebelpin set off Lourdes in the right direction. ACTE’s support in collaboration and sharing creative ideas was one part of the success. You still, Lourdes says, need to want more.

– I am a designer because I am a curious person, someone who doesn’t like to settle with the current rules and likes creating my own world. You will always find me learning, reading something new to keep up with the super-fast track of society. At the same time, I’ll always keep in mind that the new and the past correlate.

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A bright future demands hard work
– I have grown up in a very happy family with strong values towards environment and biodiversity – thanks to my parents and their jobs. For this reason, my mind only accepts creating by use of sustainable resources. And following the natural cycles of regeneration in the environment, without disrupting them.

– In my brand Bernabé, we follow circular fashion principles by using the exceeded materials of the biggests companies in the industry. Just to reduce the waste in the production process. Our collections are made with certified recycled fabrics which are carefully selected by specialists. The availability of our products depends on the resources produced by these companies. That is why we produce small amounts of each of our designs, which makes our products exclusive and very special, because every single one of them is one of a kind.

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Her brand Bernabé has its own website and web shop
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