Lisa Ivarsson, at a Moøde Pop-up
Friends of ACTE: Designing a future full of gems
October 6, 2023

Born in Borås, the Swedish textile cluster city, this innovative designer has claimed the ACTE Young Designer Award not once, but twice. Her journey from Borås to Barcelona is a testament to her dedication, passion, and unyielding commitment.

To be part of such a large event gave me really important openings in the design world.

One of the designers that really left a mark on the Native/RebelPin Fashion Awards event is Lisa Ivarsson. She is twice the professional juries’ winner, both in July 2021 (virtual event Borås) and in Portugal 2022. As a RebelPin alumnae, she is also part of the network Friends of ACTE.

Since she was seven, Lisa has crafted her own clothes. Her early interest blossomed into a clear vision as she attended Borås Fashion Days at the age of 15. From there on, there was never a hesitation, she was going to design clothes for a living.

From Lisa Ivarsson's Shine collection
From Lisa Ivarsson’s Shine collection

A volcano interfered
While attending her senior year in High School, an incident during a school trip to Barcelona gave her more direction. A volcanic eruption on Island stopped the students from flying home after the planned week. They had to stay an extra week, which Lisa used for her own excursions of the Catalonian city. She fell in love with the culture and atmosphere. So, soon after returning home, she applied and got into Istituto Europeo di Design in the Catalonian capital, where she later got her B.A. Since her degree in 2015 she has been working steadily, all the time out of Barcelona.

Wild Flowers, for Tuc Tuc Spain
Wild Flowers, for Tuc Tuc Spain

Designing functionality
Today, Lisa is a fashion and print designer, working for several brands as a freelancer. Her clientele includes renowned names such as TucTuc children’s clothes and Desigual. Beyond these notable partnerships, Lisa also takes on smaller projects for various brands, showcasing her versatility.
Lisa’s design philosophy revolves around longevity and user involvement. She wants her creations to be cherished and worn for as long as possible. This commitment is evident in her innovative designs, allowing users to wear the garments in multiple ways – often inside out. With buttons and strings strategically incorporated, users can readjust and recreate the garment to suit their preferences.

Stories of emotions
To Lisa, the user is not just the wearer but an integral part of the design process. It’s crucial for her that the user feels a strong positive connection to the garment, creating a unique and personalised bond. In Lisa Ivarsson’s design world, each piece is not just a garment; it’s a story waiting to be told, an experience waiting to be lived.

ACTE: A motivational milestone
Winning the ACTE designer Awards not once but twice was a vital experience for Lisa. Reflecting on her journey, she acknowledges the crucial role that the Native and RebelPin had.
– The Native fashion award gave me the motivation to finish my project. And I had great help from mentors. It was part of something very good for me and my career. With RebelPin I got the great opportunity to attend the fashion week in Lisbon. To be part of such a large event gave me really important openings in the design world. So, thanks a lot for your support ACTE.

Gemstone garments
Her latest collection, “Shine,” transcends fashion into personal empowerment. Each garment is a gemstone, radiating its unique power to enhance the user. Every design within the “Shine” collection has its own story, reflecting Lisa’s belief that clothing is not just an ensemble of fabric, but a narrative waiting to be unfolded.

One of Lisa Ivarsson's designs for Desigual
One of Lisa Ivarsson’s designs for Desigual

Sharing is caring
Lisa is also involved in the networking of creative designers in the Barcelona area. The group is called Moøde and apart from networking and reciprocal support, it arranges events and more. When asked what she sees in her near future, she says:
– I’d like to run a small boutique, aside from my own studio. A gallery for people to work and meet. A place for being a designer, an ambassador, and a caring friend. An open space for creative ideas.

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