Friends of ACTE: Passion for fashion, starting early
September 29, 2023

– Since a young age I have had a passion for the world of fashion. I remember drawing all the time dresses or other clothes and taking leftovers I would find at home and by hand cutting it and stitching it on my Barbies.

These are the words of RebelPin Fashion award alumna, Portuguese designer Jéssica Marques. And of course, part of Friends of ACTE.
ACTE has together with collaborative partners conducted several fashion awards and events for young designers. Jéssica was one of the participants in Portugal 2022.
– To me it was an amazing cooperation experience. The entire team of ACTE was extremely nice, kind, and helpful. Always there, open and patience to answer all the doubts and questions I had. It would be a pleasure to work with ACTE again any time.

Gender-neutral clothes
This is how Jéssica an her work was described in the project folder for RebelPin 2022:
“Jéssica Marques believes that clothes are never subjected to a gender. Anyone who identifies, feels comfortable and likes them can wear them. Functional, practical, and comfortable are the keywords of her designs.”
– Since a young age I have had a passion for the world of fashion. I also have always been surrounded by all kinds of people connected to this area who also inspired me, from family members doing small sewing arrangements to professional dressmakers, as a friend of my mum whose atelier I visited many times. I really think all this inspired me to become a fashion designer.

Ambition for more
Jéssica knows what she wants and is willing to work hard for it.
– Right now, I’m working as a junior fashion designer at Lightning Bolt USA. My ambition is to always improve myself as a designer, being as complete as I can. My end goal would be to become creative director in a brand that I identify myself with personally and professionally. Sustainability is something that I really care about and finding some way that would balance nature and fashion is something that I would really like, since this area causes so much damage to the planet.

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