Insights from the South Korean trip
December 13, 2023

With many new insights, the Catalan Fashion Trend Tour Seoul project trip has been concluded. One important insight is that fashion consumers are no longer grouped by gender or purchasing power, but by communities. And these communities are much more transversal, with shared values and lifestyles.

This new form of segmentation and interactive brand experiences have been some of the learnings of the Fashion Trend Tour Seoul project. A project was organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya (CCAM) and the Catalan Fashion Cluster MODACC.

The aim of the tour has been to gain knowledge to inspire innovative concepts  to the products and services of Catalan fashion brands. The participating companies, such as Sita Murt, Boboli, Yerse, ESDi (School of Design), MUNICH, Mango and Simorra, have had the opportunity to visit pioneering brands in South Korea. For example, such as Adererror (fashion), Tambourines (perfumery) and Gentle Monster (eyeglasses). During these visits, the participators got first-hand insights of the strategies that these brands practice to define and communicate their identity through the art of storytelling. In addition, how the brands consolidate and reinforce their identity by creating consumer’s interacting spaces.

Another insight during the trip was that discounts doesn’t play an essential role in South Korea, as it does in Spain. Surprisingly, price is not the main motivator for purchases in South Korea. Instead, product attributes, brand, experience, and narrative are more relevant in the customer value chain in Seoul.

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