Jeans Made in Genoa
March 7, 2022

CNA Federmoda has joined the first edition of Genova Jeans and wants to contribute to the development – envisaged by the Caruggi Plan of the Municipality of Genoa * – of a Jeans district along with the newly created Via del Jeans (which includes Via PrĂ©, Via del Campo, Via di Fossatello, Via San Luca). * Department of Commerce, Handicraft, Protection and Development of Valleys, Major Events, Historic Center.

Thus was born the “Jeans Made in Genoa” project, which is divided into two phases:
1) information/dissemination phase: 4 workshops between March and June 2022 at the Duchessa di Galliera Institute in Genoa and accessible in streaming, held by successful entrepreneurs in the fashion and sustainability sector;
2) training phase: a training course designed and managed by CNA Ecipa, the reference training school of the CNA System, in coordination with the GenovaJeans Partners.

The workshops and the training course are open to artisans, tailors who want to diversify production or specialize in the jeans sector and/or students, young people, or interested people and motivated to start a training course in this sector, undertaking an activity not limited to clothing, but naturally extended to accessories and furnishings.

Where is it:
The workshops will take place in the presence of the IISS Duchess of Galliera (Corso Mentana 27-16128, Genoa). Due to Covid restrictions, participation in the presence at the Duchess of Galliera Institute is limited to 20 people (with Enhanced Green Pass). For use in streaming the link will be provided.

Participation is free. Registration is required for participation in the presence and to receive the link to the streaming. To register click on the link below of the Job Center of the Municipality of Genoa: