The city of Shrip, new member to ACTE
New ACTE city, in a new country
February 9, 2024

ACTE has the pleasure to announce that we have a new member of our organisation, in a for us new country. A big hearty welcome to Shtip, North Macedonia, to ACTE!

The municipality of Shtip is known as an industrial region with developed industrial branches, but with a particularly developed textile and leather industry. There are many fashion confections operating in the region.

Štip (or Shtipis the largest urban agglomeration in the eastern part of North Macedonia, serving as the economic, industrial, entertainment and educational focal point for the surrounding municipalities. As of the 2002 census, the Štip municipality alone had a population of about 47,796.

The city is located at the intersection of the Lakavica, Ovče Pole, and Kočani valleys. Two rivers pass through Shtip: the Bregalnicawhich is the second largest in North Macedonia and the Otinja, which divides the city center.

You can read more about the new ACTE member Shtip here.
More can read more about the city here (external link).