Proposing full producer responsibility
Proposing full textile product lifecycle responsibility
August 2, 2023

The European Commission is proposing rules to make producers responsible for the full lifecycle of textile products. These rules also support the sustainable management of textile waste across the EU. This initiative aims at accelerating the development of the separate collection, sorting, reuse, and recycling sector for textiles in the EU. All in line with the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles.

According to the Commission, increasing the availability of used textiles is expected to create local jobs and save money for consumers in the EU and beyond. At the same time it will alleviate the impacts of textile production on natural resources. The Commission is proposing to introduce mandatory and harmonised Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes for textiles, in all EU Member States. The proposal on a targeted amendment of the Waste Framework Directive is to be considered by the European Parliament and the Council in the ordinary legislative procedure.

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